Evolutionary Innovation


Safer Outdoor Drying

Our elderly friendly, pole-less laundry air drying system removes the need to struggle with heavy unbalanced poles using a one-click automation system that doesn’t require the user to put a single finger outside the window.


Simple Loading, One Touch to Start


Automatic Movement, Easy to Reach


Peace of Mind

Through externally mounted sensors, rain is detected automatically and clothes are brought back inside. Smartphone integration notifies users on the status of their laundry and estimated drying times.


Easy To Use

With one-click automation and notifications to your mobile device, Raincheck ensures that you go about your day hassle free. 


Energy Efficient

By using the sun's natural rays to dry clothes, energy is saved, and your clothes remain crisp and unharmed from turbulent dryers.


Space Saving

Raincheck is designed to fit a wide range of window and windowsill sizes while retaining the ability to swivel up and down to reduce footprint. No special installation is required, and it can be stored away when not in use.


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